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Sorry We Have Moved!!

Sorry for the inconvenience!!! We have moved this page to Indiegogo, because we have now officially launhed our crowd funding campaign. Please take the time to check us out on Indiegog at: Shape Me on Indiegogo!

What if members and partners could get the full Shape Me experince at their own studio? Right in their living rooms on their television in HD? On their Computers? On their Mobile Devices? Anywhere - Anytime Live and On-demand!! What if they could become part of an online community? With Shape Me Online they could come together virtually and support one another? Together, this can Revolutionize our Commitment to Health and Fitness!

What is Crowd Funding??

In 2012, President Barack Obama signed the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act, legislation that effectively lifted a previous ban against public solicitation for private companies raising funds. Rules are expected to be set by the SEC. Currently, the JOBS Act allows the emergence of Crowd Funding sites that small business are using to raise in kind or advance sales of subscriptions to products and services. Because of this event these sites called Crowd Funding sites or platforms have emerged. Crowd funding platforms serve as a intermediary. They create the necessary interchange between the small business and potential supporters. For more information about Crowd Funding reference the article on Wikipedia:

How we are going to Do It!!

To implement this project, Shape Me has begun prototyping all aspects of this service through the leverage and support of Netbriefings, Inc. which reduces project costs significantly. However, in order to completely finish the installations, Shape Me is seeking additional capital and expertise to invest in necessary items specific installation process not available through Netbriefings. That is why Shape Me is planning to launch a Indiegogo project to help raise the funding necessary. Indiegogo is a Crowd Funding site that helps small business get the capital to accomplish things they could not otherwise accomplish on their own. For more about Indiegog Click Here