Shape Me Group Fitness Your Onsite and Online Fitness Center

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Shape Me Group Fitness

Accept Health Insurance $20 Reimbursement

1. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance

2. Preferred One Health Insurance

3. Health Partner Health Insurance

Regular Individual Adult

1st Option:


$45 per month

$45 Membership Fee (one time only)

Unlimited Classes at Shape Me Studio

Unlimited PACE Hydrualic equipment

12 month Agreement


2nd Option:


No Commitment

$60 per month

Unlimited Classes at Shape Me Studio

Unlimited PACE Hydrualic equipment

$45 –Membership fee(one time only)

Short Term Membership

Punch Card Membership

8 Classes Limited - $35.00 per month


8 YOGA or Scuplt classes

8 ZUMBA classes

Mix and Match Classes + 12 month agreement

$45 Membership Fee



10 classes - $60.00 - 2 month use

10 classes - $100.00 = NO Expiration date


Family Membership

$95 per month

$75 - membership fee(one time only)

unlimited classes

Parents + 3 Kids(4th kids $10 extra)

12 months agreement


Discount Price

Student(adult) and Senior

$35 per month

$45 membership Fee

unlimited classes

12 months Agreement

Senior(60 years old)

ID should present during registration


Visit/per class


First time at Shape Me Studio is FREE. You must sign up the waiver



 PACE Membership Price:

For Senior/Adult/Individual: 

$30.00 per month - Unlimited use,12 month membership

Including Zumba in the Circuit class

$45 Membership Fee(one time payment)

 PACE & Group Fitness workout:

$45 per month (PACE unlimited equipment use and Group Fitness)

Studio Rental

 Shape Me studio space is 2,700 square feet and an ideal place for holding special events, parties, 

and much more.In addition, we have retrofitted the studio with state-of-the art technology.

 By day, it is a fitness studio, and by night, it can transform into a club.

 Rental Availability:

 Based on the current class schedule, the space is available for rental during the following times:

Weekdays- Between 12pm-4pm

Saturday-After 3pm

Sunday- All day availability 

 Please check back as space availability is subject to change.  


The studio and the building provide the following amenities:

State of the art lighting, video projection, sound board, disco balls and stereo equipment and elevated deejay pit. 

Stereo system attached to boombox, equipped to play ipod or CDs, wireless microphone headset  with cord-attached battery pack

 and optional waistband. Professionally-installed wooden dance flooring, 20x8x3 foot stage with staircase,

10x8 foot mirror wall behind stage and a riser staircase for resting and shoe area

Glass window wall overlooking Hamline Center hallway with privacy blinds.

 Yoga mats, lightweight dumbbells and belly dancing skirts,3-5 floor fans.  

Two bathrooms, refrigerator, sink, soundproof room and air conditioning. 


 Flat rate is $45/hour, depending on the nature of the activities and services needed.

 For more information about reservations, Please contact Ritzy  Anderson at