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Pictures and Videos from January 14th 2012

Open House





The Following Videos can be viewed by click the picture of the URL!!


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Video

Ritzy, Gary and Kirsten Open the ceremony by cutting the ribbon!!!


Introduction of Instuctors

 Ritzy introduces the instuctors!!!


Ritzy Lead a session:

Ritzy leads off the event with her Zumba session!!


Ritzy Leads Second Session:

 Pauline Miller leads a session:

Ali Cameron leads a session

Drina Escobar leads a session

Zumba is not only for adults!!!!

Jeremy Anderson show the adults how to Zumba!!


Gen Merrell ends the day with

          “Last Dance”


Crazy Ladies!!

Sometimes the ladies get a little Crazy!!!!!










Grace and Tom show us how to Zumba!!