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Shape Me Online

Our Vision

As Shape Me grew, our team was facing some pertinent questions. How can we enhance our value proposition and establish significant differentiation while adding additional quality services to our members and partners using the skills we already had? As the strategic planning for our studio evolved, Shape Me decided to embark into the future of fitness.

Live streaming and on-demand fitness programs are gaining popularity in the fitness world because they are accessible, convenient and portable. Online fitness centers can also provide more comfortable settings that cater to stay-at-home mothers, busy families, obese and sedentary populations which goes a long way in promoting better fitness. For people living in harsher weather conditions, this can make it safer and easier to achieve optimal fitness levels in any location and any time of the year.

What if members and partners could get the full Shape Me experience at their own studio... right in their living rooms on their television in HD, on their computers or on their mobile devices? Anywhere. Anytime. Live and on-demand!

What if they could become part of an online community? With Shape Me Online they could come together virtually and support one another. Together, this can revolutionize our commitment to health and fitness!

Health and Wellness Series

Shape Me will soon begin hosting a live eight week health and wellness series that will touch on many important aspects for living a healthy life!

Week One of the series will cover goal setting, weigh in measurements and recording food intake through the online resource Week Two will examine toxins, ways to detox, supplements, alkaline factors and pH balance importance. It will also introduce Dance Fitness. Week Three will explore decoding food labels, portion sizes and label reading. It will also introduce yoga sculpt. Week Four will discuss macronutrients and micronutrients as well as introduce butt and gut exercises. Week Five will deal with stress, sleep and inflammation issues as well as introduce Pilates and a core workout. Week Six will address calorie intake and introduce yoga. Week Seven will look at making healthy foods choices and introduce Turbo Kick®. Week Eight will review the final weigh in measurements, determine what’s next and introduce Dance Sculpt.

The health and wellness series will be delivered to members via a secure site on their desktop where they will have access to live and on-demand classes anytime and anywhere. Delivery options also include a private television channel for live streaming and on-demand viewing as well as iOS mobile devices.

Benefits To You

A healthy lifestyle does not begin and end at the gym. Bring the camaraderie and encouragement of Shape Me home with you! With Shape Me Online, you will enjoy:

  • A selection of live classes according to the regular fitness schedule
  • On-demand replay of missed classes 24/7
  • Interactive two-way communication with your instructors
  • Personalized video message responses from your instructors
  • Community forum dialogue with other members to share encouragement and success

Plan of Action

Shape Me Group Fitness is NOT dragging its feet. We are determined to bring the fitness experience of Shape Me to your living room so that you can achieve your goals! Here is how we are going to do it:

Phase One: Computer Desktop

Shape Me will implement a "members only" web version of the service available on the desktop. This secure site will allow members to access live and on-demand classes anytime and anywhere.

Phase Two: Television

Shape Me currently has a prototype of a private or pay-per-view television channel for live streaming and on-demand viewing in beta. The initial deployment for this channel includes the use of a Roku® device because of its streaming quality and ease of use. Eventually this service will be expanded to other multi-media devices such as Apple TV, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox and PS3.

Phase Three: Mobile Device

Shape Me has a prototype of a live video streaming app which will be initially released on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The app will not only provide a menu of sessions of a user’s media content, but it will allow the user to view live and on-demand sessions at anytime through cellular or Wi-Fi service. Early releases will allow users to send in video questions and comments. Later releases will provide for two-way communication. After the iOS release, Shape Me has plans to implement a similar service for Android devices.

Check us out on Indiegogo!

To implement this strategy and significantly reduce project costs, Shape Me has begun prototyping all aspects of this service through the leverage and support of Netbriefings, a web technology company. In addition, Shape Me is planning to launch an Indiegogo project to help raise the funding necessary to finish the installations. (Indiegogo is a crowd funding site that helps small businesses obtain the capital to accomplish things they could not otherwise complete on their own.)

Supporting the Cause

As a Current Member and Friend

Shape Me Group Fitness wants to become both an online and offline fitness center, and we want you to be part of this evolving phenomenon with us! We plan to launch a Crowd Funding project and are soliciting your help.

As a supporting member, you will:

  • Continue to enjoy the benefits of the evolving Shape Me community
  • Gain VIP entry to the virtual community
  • Receive tech support and assistance from Gary directly to help you set up and maintain your virtual experience
  • Partake in special online programs, such as the 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge, and much more to come

As a Partner

As a partner of Shape Me, we will help you set up the projection equipment, internet connection and other hardware to create a HD immersive environment for your club members. We can also help you install the complete video production package in your facility. Your members will be able to enjoy sessions at your studio without the need to add, coordinate or manage additional staff. The end result? You get the best instructors in the nation at a significantly reduced cost!

As a Franchise Partner

As a franchise partner, Shape Me will work with you to set up a complete Shape Me studio with all the services that Shape Me provides. In addition to access to the Shape Me video services, Shape Me will also help you set up the systems necessary to run a complete Shape Me studio including check-in systems, accounting systems, sound systenms, lighting packages, and other systems to help you get going on your own fitness center.


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