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Activating and Setting up your Roku Account

Here are the steps in setting up your Roku with the Free Shape Me Channel

  1. Activate your Roku
    Once you turn on your Roku and have it connected to the Internet, you will be asked to activate your Roku. There will be a code for the activation. Write down the code. It will be something like YCKNMN. Go to on your computer and type in the activation code.

  2. Create a Roku Account
    You will need to create an account on Roku and set up a payment method. Roku requires a credit card number. The Shape Me channel is free, however, and you do not need to buy anything. Don't change the screen on the TV as it will change by itself.

  3. Add Channels on Roku
    After activation and setup, it will update your Ruko with the channels you selected. Angry Birds is fun!

  4. Add the Shape Me Channel
    Next go to the Roku / Shape Me link your computer. Follow the prompts to add the channel to your Roku account.