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Shape Me Online

How to Use our Online Service

There are three viewing options to the Shape Me online service:  website, private television channel and mobile app. There are different advantages to each.

Website Version

The website version will provide members access to live and on-demand classes on their desktop from our site. To check out the website version, simply go to either the Live Webcast or On-Demand pages on our site.

We recommend using the Chrome Browser as it is currently the only browser that works with our new group chat. All browsers support the live and on-demand streams.

Interested in becoming a beta tester? Click Here

Private Television Version

Shape Me has introduced a private television version for live streaming and on-demand viewing on your television using a Roku device. (Roku devices are available online and at most large stores such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy. If your Roku is up and running, it is pretty simple. Just go to the Roku / Shape Me link your computer. Follow the prompts to add the channel to your Roku account.

NOTE: At the end of the process it says that it takes 24 hours for the channel to appear on your Roku. We have noticed, however, that if you unplug and restart your Roku device, the channel will appear.

The current implementation is based on the Roku. Eventually we will expand this service to devices such as Apple TV, Google TV, Xbox, PS3 and others.

Need more help? Check out this information about activating and setting up your Roku

Recommendations for purchasing your Roku
If you do not have a Roku and are trying to decide which one to purchase, we have a suggestion. Since we are doing both live streaming as well as on-demand viewing, we recommend the Roku 3 for $99 as it is the only one with a direct ethernet port as well as WiFi. From our tests, you will get better performance from a direct Ethernet connection to your router. Although the Roku 2 XD has 1080p resolution and some other cool features, the Ethernet is the most important option.

Mobile App Version

The App Version will allow you to view live streaming and on-demand classes on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices. You can also hook the app on your mobile device to your television to see a larger display.

At this point in time, Shape Me is leveraging off the Netbriefings Proclaim Messenger app which is available on iTunes. Shape Me has future plans to implement a similar service based on the Android operating system for tablet and mobile device users.

iPad users:  Get the Proclaim app on iTunes

iPhone / iPod Touch users:  Get the Proclaim app on iTunes

Steps and equipment to hook up the app to your TV:

  1. Get the Proclaim app from iTunes. (See the two "Get the Proclaim App from iTunes" links above.)

  2. Get an app to TV connector that you can buy at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or Apple stores. (See picture below.) This adaptor converts the iPhone, iPad, Touch input/output to HDMI and is the most basic and simplest connection. Plug this adaptor into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

  3. Get an HDMI cable. A 10 foot HDMI cable costs about $10 online. It will most likely cost you more at the local store. But if you are not tech savy, the rep's advice from the store floor may be would be worth the difference in cost. Find the HDMI connector on your TV. If you only have composite connections, make sure you buy the right adaptor. This example referenses HDMI connections.

  4. Plug the HDMI cable into both your TV and adaptor.

  5. Plug your power into the adaptor as well. If you are watching for a long period of time, you will want to be charging your IOS devices as you watch. If you do not have the power applied, you will drain the battery shortly.

  6. Use the larger adaptor to charge your device. For an iPad, use the 10 watt power adaptor. You most likely use a smaller converter to charge an iPhone or iPod Touch.

  7. That's it!

Significant Infrastructure

The Shape Me delivery service is built on an infrastructure with redundancy and significant delivery capabilities! Shape Me Group Fitness has not only invested heavily in the equipment in the Shape Me studio to deliver these services, but we are also leveraging off the Netbriefings data center, Amazon web services and the Roku private channel infrastructure. In short, this is a substantial infrastructure that will support large quality events.