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Great Speakers


Ritzelda "Ritzy" Anderson

Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer

will talk about her success in weight loss as well as interview other members about their success. Her high-energy style will help keep you on a hardworking and fun approach to losing weight.

Rhoda Poach

Yoga and TABATA instructor and
Personal Trainer

Rhonda attended her first yoga class with her daughter in 2005 and fell in love with it. She has studied Hatha Yoga, Tabata and is a Personal Trainer. She studied at National Personal Training Institute. In her classes she guides students through postures mindfully creating space in the body and centering the mind.

Julie Seibert

Dietitian and Health Professional

Here are Julianne's Credentials again!! She is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters Degree in Nutrition. Julianne is a Licensed Nutritionist with the State of Minnesota 28 Years in Public Health. Here major Emphasis on helping people eat Healthier! Her presentation was very credible and is very informative and full of great nuggets of information.

Dr. Trent

Bandana Health and Wellness

Dr. Trent Iverson's chiropractic experience began at a young age. At five years old, his mom took him to their family chiropractor in order to help with his sleepwalking problem. Two weeks after visiting his chiropractor, young Dr. Trent was not sleepwalking anymore. "I have been raised in a family that has always gone to a chiropractor," states Dr. Trent. "My mom has Meniere's disease and used to suffer from dizzy spells. After seeing numerous medical doctors, she was helped naturally by a chiropractor.

Holly & Jeremy Misener

Juice Plus Representatives

As part of the 8-Week Challenge we are offering an advanced option for Detox. Our experience is that to lose the most weight adding a Detox really helps. Beyond this Juice Plus is a very health way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet!!

Great Content

Exercise Tips and Add On Suggestions

During the session we will provide you with fitness tips to help you get the most out of your exercise program. In addition, we will have “Add On” suggestions to help you burn more calories during your busy day. All of this information, along with the activities are designed to help you achieve your fitness objectives.


Health and Nutrition Tips

Each week during the 8-week session you will be given Health and Nutrition tips from Julie Seibert to help you adapt a healthy lifestyle. Shape Me is partnering with Julie to deliver weekly fitness tips from her extensive video library.


Introduction to New Exercise Classes

Our instructors will be giving sessions on new exercise options. Maybe you love Zumba but possibly Yoga would help you achieve your objectives. Get special access to Ritzy Anderson's LAB (Leg, Abs and Butt) session only if you are a member of the challenge. Ritzy and Rhonda will also work with you to personalize your own plan, but we will help make sure this is a realistic plan for achieving your goals.


Initial Assessment Interview

At the start of the session we will help you set your goals and develop an action plan to achieve these goals. We will help you set realistic weight loss and fitness goals as well as track your progress during and after the 8-week session.

Introduction Session - March 11th
-- Julie Seibert Dietitian Session
-- Ritzy Anderson - Discuss Goals, Measurements and the process
-- Rhonda Poach and meet Rhonda and hear how Personal Training
can enhance your weight lose efforts

Week 1 - March 18th
-- Set your goals, weigh-in, take measurements and
get ready for your challenge.
-- Rhonda Poach - Hear Rhonda talk about how detoxing can help
-- Holly & Jeremy Misener - Meet and hear Holly and Jeremy's story about how Juice Plus has changed their life.

Week 2 - March 25th
-- Check-in on our goals, and progress
-- Ritzy Anderson - Attend Ritzy's fantastic LAB Challenge
this is only for members of the challenge and you will love it as well as get results

Week 3 - April 1st
-- Dr. Trent - Sugar

Week 4 - April 8th
-- Rhonda Poach - TABATA

Week 5 - April 15th
-- Rhonda Poach - Personal Training

Week 6 - April 22nd
-- Dr. Trent - Stress Management

Week 7 - April 29th
-- Ritzy Anderson - LAB Challenge

Week 8 - May 6th
-- Final Week - Final Measurements, Award Ceremony Challenge Celebrations