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Health and Wellness Series Schedule

The live eight week health and wellness series will launch in September 2013. It will touch on many important aspects for living a healthy life. Below is the schedule.

  • Week One of the series will cover goal setting, weigh in measurements and recording food intake through an online resource.

  • Week Two will examine toxins, ways to detox, supplements, alkaline factors and pH balance importance. It will also introduce Dance Fitness.

  • Week Three will explore decoding food labels, portion sizes and label reading. It will also introduce yoga sculpt.

  • Week Four will discuss macronutrients and micronutrients as well as introduce butt and gut exercises.

  • Week Five will deal with stress, sleep and inflammation issues as well as introduce Pilates and a core workout.

  • Week Six will address calorie intake and introduce yoga.

  • Week Seven will look at making healthy foods choices and introduce Turbo KickĀ®.

  • Week Eight will review the final weigh in measurements, determine what's next and introduce Dance Sculpt.