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We can DANCE TOGETHER again with a great cause... We need your help and support for this event,please come and join us. We will have your favorite instructors on the stage.
When: February 7, 2015
Time: 3-5 PM
Where: Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 2nd Ave. S Minneapolis MN 55403

Please Come Early,Thank you!

We are proud to collaborate with YMCA of Long Beach, MediaMax Events & Expo Inc. and Shape Me Group Fitness to present a weekend of Zumbathon at the Healthy LIFE EXPO™. 

In addition, we are working with Asian Culture Club students from Northwestern Health and Sciences University to bring forth this life changing experiences trip to Cambodia. Zumbathon fundraising will be raising fund to bring students to Cambodia to help youth at the YMCA of Cambodia. 

Furthermore, we are fundraising to increase awareness of The Cambodia YMCA Street Children. The Cambodia YMCA Street Children’s Project needs your help in keeping the school open due to a lack of funding. This project provides 120 of the poorest children and teens living in the slums of Phnom Penh, Cambodia with food, clothing, access to healthcare and basic education.

You can also support this fantastic event in several ways…...........

Help sponsor the event by donate online at

Attend the “Zumbathon for Save the Cambodia YMCA Street Children's Project!” The fund will be 100% tax deductible. Please consider attend this fun event and support a worthy cause. If you cannot attend, please consider sponsor a student.

Want to help but not sure how? You can “Send a student to Cambodia” for a $3,600 tax deductible donation. Your contribution will send a student from Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) to Cambodia for 12 days but will change the student’s life forever! 

Donate $10 per person or more

Thank you for helping students give back by leading knowledge to students of Cambodia. 
For more information about this event or or 

Feel free to contact 
Ritzy at 651-214-2299 

or Narate Judie Keys at 763.607.2752. For your records, our Tax ID number is 95-1643396. 

Bigger loser challenge start on Feb 16 - April 6

If you are interested in joining, call or message Ritzy to start setting your goal and measurement before we start your program. 

Cost:$30 include special guest, measurement, and setting goal, and monitoring your workout. 

You will need unlimited or Punch card classes to reach your Goal.

We need to CHALLENGE and EXERCISE to be FIT, Not Skinny. 

EAT to Nourish your body and Always IGNORE the doubters & unhealthy

 examples that were once feeding you. YOU are WORTH more than you REALIZE.

Lets do it together!!! Tell yourself we can do it!

Get ready for Spring and Summer!!!


If you don't have classes at Shape Me Studio, you must provide class for yourself to keep your goal. 

everyone is different I prefer to weight you once a month but participant sometimes like every-week. However, just let me know. It is your Challenge. I am here to push and help you reach your goal.

Who ever losses weight the most will be rewarded. 

We have 1st price, 2nd price and 3rd price. 

If anyone of you just like to do the PACE Equipment for 30 min CIRCUIT ULTIMATE program on your own everyday. Just let me know, You will still part of my coaching.

I am inviting Personal trainer, and Dietitian(for 2nd time) next. I will set schedule for you and the guest.



Ritzy will be coaching and helping you set your Goal. Once we set your goal. I will be watching each of everyone of you. My goal for you is to help and achieve your goal 

Fitness expert say you're much more likely to stick to a workout routine if you put it in writing. One good way to do this is to make a CONTRACT with you. Once you sign up I encourage you to post the contract on the refrigerator or bulletin board so you can look at it every day for your inspiration. 

Also, once you sign up , you're more likely to stick to your training schedule. It is better if you have workout with Partners. I will set you to Shape Me if you can not find a friend who will go to the group fitness with you regularly at least have someone check in with you every week or Ritzy will. 

I am looking forward to working with you 

Thank you so much ,

Ritzelda Andeson

Shape Me Group Fitness 

2819 Hamline Ave. N. Roseville MN. 55113

Tel: 651- 214-2299

We will Focus of your Abs, Butt and Legs

Our Special Instructor Emily and Ritzelda Anderson will be leading us. We offer good modification for first, 2nd and 3rd options. No worries! we are here to support and help you.

We need to CHALLENGE and EXERCISE to be FIT,
Not Skinny. EAT to Nourish your body and Always IGNORE the doubters & unhealthy examples that were once feeding you. YOU are WORTH more than you REALIZE.

Lets do it together!!! Tell yourself we can do it!

Get ready for Spring and Summer!!!

cost :
$10 per session

$60 for 8 weeks (Discount)


Tuesday Classes with Candice 

Yoga Sculpt at 10:40 am and 5:35 PM - Yoga Vinyasa Flow

  YOGA CLASS with Barb on Saturday at 8:30 AM

YOGA Hatha class with Hollie

Thursday at 10:40 AM & Sunday at 12:05 -1:00 PM 

8-Week Weight Loss Challenge     

In Progress as of February 1, 2014

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